Ginga Boo Night / Kizomba Thursday 

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📌📌📌Kizomba Ginga Boo Night 📌📌📌

💧FREE CLASS 4 BEGINNERS ▪From Thursday 22nd March
Sonny Varela Promotions / Ginga Boo is happy to present our new Thursday, we will be running Kizomba classes followed by a party with our resident Dj. 
8.45pm Kizomba class / 2 levels with our residents teachers  
▪️Beginners Miss G.Boo Sonny, Leny, Lee (on rotation)
▪️Impro / Inter Mr Rico Suave 
9.45pm Party till 1am with our resident Dj
▪️Dj Miro Kikoa 
Playing the best Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Ghetto Zouk etc...
​Register to claim your free class at 
🔺Lovely Brazilian Bar & restaurant / Wooden floor / Spacious / Warm
🔺Amazing cocktails / Tasty Food / Great sound system
🔺7 mins from Vauxhall Station / 10 mins from Stockwell Station 

TIA MARIA / 126 South Lambeth Road SW8 1R

Soiree Kizz - Urban Kiz Monday back on 16th April Piccadilly 

After much request, we are delighted to announce that we will be returning on Monday weekly at Jewel Bar. Ginga Boo teachers & Urban Kiz guest UK & International teachers on rotation, so you can get the best sourced teachers & quality dancing.
Our first guest will be an International teacher, to be revealed soon.

💥 this week theme class no FREE class at 7.30pm 
➗ FREE Techniques / Initiaton class   OR ➗ Special theme class at extra cost 
◾8.15pm 3 Levels  ➗Fundamentals ➗Beginners ➗Improvers
Our classes will consistently cover the following priorities...
◾Musicality ◾Posture ◾Balance ◾Lead & Follow ◾Style ◾Technique ◾Accelerations ◾ Blocks ◾Turns ◾ Leg pushes and more...

Urban Kiz is a dance derived from Kizomba & fused with other dance styles. It is danced mostly to non Kizomba music. 
The music for Urban Kiz is more varied from electronic, classical to pop songs but the main aspect is that there is a varying beat or vocal within the music with which to dance/play with. Within this group, each teacher has their own style which can include elements of tango, hip hop, bachata and even some zouk.
Regardless of the style of Urban Kiz, or whether its danced in an open or closed hold; playing with direction and tempo/speed is a key part of this style - mixed in with tricks, blocks and turns. Styling is also key to making the dance your own and there has been some body isolations and body rolls being introduced for the ladies and fancy footwork for the guys.

Despite how it might sometimes look, good dancers execute the dance smoothly and accurately, making it feel very connected whether it is a slow dance or a fast paced trick and turn filled dance. It requires strong leading and following skills and familiarity and connection to the music to be able to pull all the components together.
But when it does come together it is simply "magic". 

This dance is still new in the UK and whist we have some good dancers here, perhaps not everyone has had a good experience. That however, is just part of the learning curve & not the characteristics of the dance. 
Urban kiz can be enjoyed by all levels but as with all dances its up to individuals how technical they wish their dance to be, so don't be put off by some of the dancers out there throwing down some creative moves...they have simply been dancing this dance longer.

◾🌟FREE TECHNIQUE /INITIATION CLASS 🌟 Register to claim your FREE class at:
◾Special theme class at extra cost + £    ◾Fudamentals or Beginners class + social dancing £8 ◾Improvers/Intermediate class + social dancing £10
(International teacher)

9pm Social dancing £5  Playing the best Urban Kiz, Urban Tarraxo, Ghetto Zouk, Tarraxinha, Douceur

JEWEL BAR PICCADILLY / Sahara Room  4-6 Glasshouse Street, / London W1B 5DQ

Criola Kizomba 

Details coming soon....

Kizomba intensive beginners Sunday 22nd April 

Fancy learning Kizomba?


- Join our Kizomba intensive ‘Step in Dance’ course. This is an introductory course for students who have little or no experience in dancing Kizomba.
- We are committed to making sure our students develop a strong foundation so they can dance smoothly and elegantly with balance, musicality, movement and connection in every step.
- To help you do that we have a structured and fun syllabus to ensure a steady development and have you dancing like a pro in no time!

Beginners to get you from →2-left feet-not-dancing-at-all← to →well-grounded Kizombeiro← with a decent knowledge of a dance, steps and skills to dance with your partner all night long. 

The workshop course will provide you with Kizomba - -> 

*Steps, *Variations,

*Combinations, *Patterns and more…. 



*Connection, *Lead for men, 

*Follow for women, *Musicality.

*Learn*consolidate *practise *practise *practise *practise!

Come and meet new, like-minded people! No partner required.  
Anyone who are struggling and confused beginners welcome!  
Anyone who wants to review their basics welcome! 
Basics are key to good dancers.


4pm to 7pm Jewel Bar Piccadilly 
3 hours £20 
At the door £25 
Buy advance ticket via email by clicking on the above button £20

Minimum 8 people is required to go ahead with this course so please pass on to your friends and let them know, help us sharing the events.

LIMITED TO 15 PEOPLE as we would like to be able to be working closely & giving personal feedback to our students in small group format.

We are running an event in the evening with more classes if you want to join us...

Workshop + Social Dancing with Willy Elo from Paris  
Semba Course starts Sunday 29th April    

Semba your key to success on the dance floor!!!

Men - Do you wish you could gracefully glide in Semba and Kizomba over the dance floor?
Ladies - Do you wish you could follow along dance steps, moves and trick light like a feather?

Do you want to know how to dance it? 

Would you like to dance it quickly? 
Men - would you like to learn how to lead it? 
Ladies – Would you like to learn to follow it? 
Do you want to learn some cool tricks & Dips? 


With Willy Elo 

6pm to 9pm Workshop / 9pm to 12pm Social dancing 

1- SEMBA Basics.
- Posture - Lead & follow - Travelling

2- SEMBA Evolutif
- Tricks - Footwork- Combination

3- SEMBA Style 
- Students creativity (with guidance of the teacher)

Follow by evening practise dancing where you can practise all your moves and focus on Semba Music as well as Kizomba.

IYour teachers Willy Elo was part of group Flores do Semba run by renowned Puto Chinez performing internationally, Willy Elo had dance since he can remember dancing its his passion and love sharing with others. He also competed in 1st edition World dance contest kizomba/semba « Dança Só »🙂it was crown France Champion.

♪ ♪ Learn in vibrant friendly atmosphere ♪ ♪

The benefits?
❑ Both: You’ll learn how to dance Semba! Learning Semba will immensely improve your Kizomba skills 
❑Leader: You will be the King of the dance floor, you will learn how to dance Semba, fast tempo music, execute tricks “with attitude” in smooth manner and with musicality. 
❑Follower : Being able to respond / follow all the tricks on the dance floor with confidence and grace.


3 workshops + 3 hours dancing
Online £20 / At the door £30 
Social dancing £5 

Jewel Bar 
4-6 Glasshouse street 

Our future events 👇🏽
Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK June 2018